Secure cloud-based software has launched a new era for audit and assurance services. Rather than preparing for lengthy engagements with audit teams in your office and interrupting business, many audits can be performed remotely with a virtual auditor. CPA firms worldwide have added virtual processes to their audit services and seen major benefits. 

In this article, we’ll cover the advantages of working with a virtual auditor and how your team can benefit from a remote audit with a top CPA firm like Assurance Dimensions. 


What to Expect with A Virtual Auditor

Similar to traditional audit practices, an organization that works with a virtual auditor can expect a secure and efficient audit engagement. Many assets and financial records are now digital, making them easier to access anywhere. This means the audit team doesn’t have to be stationed in a client’s office to see files—they can quickly review digital files offsite to process the audit quicker. 

To understand the appeal of working with a virtual audit team, here are three major benefits of working with a remote auditor.


1. Cost Savings

Paying for audit fieldwork and travel costs can lead to significant fees. For many firms, every time the auditor needs to visit the client’s office, the client is on the line for their travel expenses. 

However, remote audits often remove the need for on-site visits entirely. Instead, virtual audit teams can leverage video-conferencing technology and secure file-sharing tools. This reduces costs and time spent traveling between off-site and on-site locations. 


2. Reduced Operational Disruptions

When the audit team comes to a client’s office, everything shifts. The organization needs to find space for them to work, brief their employees on what to expect, and accept that operational disruptions are most likely.

But, when a company has a remote auditor working on its engagement, there’s no need to set up space for them in the office. Instead, the CPA auditors can work on the audit remotely and submit their findings through secure cloud-based software like Suralink.  Plus, with remote audits, the audit team can be available at times that are more convenient for clients—rather than only during the business hours of a physical location.


3. Timely Audit Reports

Accounting firms are often well-equipped with the latest audit software and client engagement tools. At Assurance Dimensions—for example—we provide efficient remote audits in a reliable way through our secure cloud-based software and technology, Suralink. At the same time, we easily collaborate with clients by utilizing Microsoft Teams.

Whichever resources your virtual auditor uses, each tool helps ensure efficient and effective remote auditing. With the combination of careful planning and the right tools, the remote audit process is faster, leading your audit team to deliver audit reports and updates quickly.


Trusted Virtual Auditor Teams at Assurance Dimensions

At Assurance Dimensions,  we want to help you navigate the challenges of an audit engagement without sacrificing accuracy, compliance, or security. Our CPA auditors provide a straightforward and efficient experience using cutting-edge cloud-based technology and virtual conferencing tools. From initial consultation to the final audit report, you can expect the same high level of expertise and customer service as you would from traditional on-site audits.

Get in touch with our experienced team at Assurance Dimensions today and start taking advantage of the many benefits of remote audits.