Accounting Firm Culture

Assurance Dimensions is more than a CPA firm and workplace. It’s an accounting firm culture where each team member is valued, respected, and supported. We work hard but also prioritize fun, laughter, and personal growth.

Our workplace culture is one of our firm’s top priorities. We celebrate diversity, encourage collaboration, and strive for continuous growth and development. It’s what makes us successful.

Our firm culture isn’t just important to our team members—it’s also a valuable asset for our clients. We find that when we invest in our team, then the work we do—like delivering consistent outstanding professional client service—will naturally follow.

The AD Way

Our approach — which we’ve branded The AD Way — is at the heart of everything we do. Since 2008, this has guided how we care for clients, our team, and our community.

The AD Way is built on our five CLEAR Values. These values define what we stand for, what we want to be known for, and how we want to be recognized in the accounting industry.

  • Commitment. We demonstrate a high professional standard of quality in our work and a dedication to the Firm, team, and our individual careers. 
  • Leadership. We work together to achieve outstanding results by helping, coaching, and mentoring team members to go where they have never gone and would/could not go by themselves. Everyone is and can be a leader.
  • Excellence. We set a high standard of accurate, timely, and consistent professional client service accomplished through our focus on processes and teamwork.
  • Accountability. We hold all team members responsible for completing their tasks in every aspect and being reliable to each other. This is only accomplished with personal responsibility in all areas
  • Responsive. We are proactive and react quickly and positively in every form of communication. We have constant communication with each other as a team and with clients in a timely, effective, and respectful manner.

Our Culture Pillars

The culture pillars of Assurance Dimensions strengthen the foundation of our outstanding accounting firm culture. 

Hiring & Onboarding

  • We hire smart, hardworking candidates who are always up for a challenge. 
  • We look for talent who will fit into our excellent culture, and we offer competitive benefits.
  • We take the time to onboard all new employees with a 3-day onboarding process, a video library of resources, and a friendly welcome from all levels of our firm.


  • Evaluation – We emphasize building and developing our team and we provide clarity on company objectives and expectations.
  • Mentoring – We offer a mentoring program that strengthens the mentee’s vision and goals and helps them create an action plan for growth.
  • Training – We deliver semi-annual training, webinars, CPE, and in-house training to all employees.

Awards & Recognition

  • We recognize team members for their accomplishments, individual milestones, company values alignment, and exceptional contributions. Some of our current recognition programs include a generous compensation structure and bi-annual bonus opportunities based on performance.


  • We promote our firm culture and events, including twice-a-year firm-wide events in May and December, office lunch-and-learns, spontaneous happy hours, holiday parties, and volunteer activities. We do more than work together—we celebrate together!

Interested in Joining Our Team?

At Assurance Dimensions, we’re always looking for talented, hardworking, and positive individuals to be a part of our team.

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