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Outsource Accounting and Advisory Services

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Now more than ever, a Company’s scalability is contingent on the health and maturity of its finance function. Companies are rethinking their business strategies and looking at solutions through a completely different lens.

If you haven’t considered outsourcing the back office function of your company, you may have now realized that you’ve survived a sudden shift to managing a remote environment and that a transition to an outsourcing partner could now be exactly what your business needs.

The Outsource Dimensions team has decades of experience working with a wide range of businesses, from small private/public companies to high growth companies in a variety of industries, many of who are PE and Venture backed.

With Outsource Dimensions’ tailored approach, you gain access to a comprehensive and customizable suite of full-service outsourced accounting services delivered with agility, flexibility, and consistency. Outsource Dimensions brings professional accounting expertise to you, focusing on all financial data flowing through the business.

Why Choose Outsource Dimensions LLC

  • Outsource Dimensions is the advisor that cares as much about your business as you do.
  • Outsource Dimensions is a great partner that enhances your finance team.
  • You don’t have to fit into the Outsource Dimensions business model—we fit into yours.

Outsource Dimensions Service Offerings

Four accountants in an audit firm having a meeting together

Full back office accounting services

  • Accounts payable and bill payment
  • Accounts receivable and invoicing
  • Cash management
  • General ledger maintenance

Design and implementation of monthly accounting procedures and checklists

Two men and a woman reviewing franchise fdd disclosure documents together

CFO and Controller support

  • Financial close process acceleration
Business executives discussing auditor independence rules while reviewing financial statements

Technical accounting advisory

  • ASC 606/Revenue recognition
  • ASC 842/Lease accounting implementation
A woman who is a PCAOB auditor reviewing documents from a client

Financial statement preparation

  • GAAP standards
  • IFRS standards
  • PCAOB standards
A man from a construction CPA firm shaking hands with a contractor in their office

Audit readiness and audit liaison

  • Prepare annual audit schedules
  • Prepare draft audit financial statements and related footnotes
  • Liaise with auditors and manage the audit engagement effectively and efficiently

Outsourcing the accounting function provides companies with increased efficiency, skilled resources, best-in-class systems, and process consistency. Many organizations underestimate the magnitude of benefits that outsourcing can provide to their finance and accounting functions. Having the right outsourced partner can elevate the finance team to another level.

Outsource Dimensions’ commitment to your success means we’re with you every step of the way and after.

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