A group of accountants sharing why they love working at public accounting firms with a good company culture


More and more public accounting firms realize that a positive company culture is essential for business success and client satisfaction. The culture in your certified public accountant firm (CPA Firm) sets expectations for how your staff behaves and works together and how well they function as a team. This way, company culture can guide decision-making, break down the boundaries between siloed teams, and improve workflow. Here are three benefits of a strong company culture for a CPA firm.


1. Improved Morale and Satisfaction

When employees are happy with their work environment, they’re more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. And when employees feel like they are part of a team, they are even more likely to be engaged with their work, leading to even higher levels of productivity. In fact, one study by Gallup found that engaged employees are 21% more profitable and are absent 41% less than their disengaged counterparts.


2. Increased Retention Rates

In the accounting industry specifically, turnover can be costly—not only in terms of the time and money it takes to find and train a replacement but also in terms of lost knowledge and experience. But, employees are less likely to leave an organization where they feel valued and supported. A recent study showed that 46% of employees left their jobs partly because of a company culture that didn’t appreciate or recognize their contributions. By fostering a supportive culture, you can develop a firm workplace where team members want to stay for the long term.


3. Attract Top Talent for Your Certified Public Accountant Firm

Forty-six percent of jobseekers list company culture as an essential factor when considering a potential employer. A strong company culture attracts top talent to offer expertise on PCAOB audits and assurance services. Candidates are looking for firms where they will feel like they fit in, be supported and encouraged, and can grow professionally. Building a culture that promotes collaboration, innovation, and excellence can attract top talent and help your firm thrive.


Company Culture at Assurance Dimensions

When new hires join our team, they quickly learn that Assurance Dimensions has a great company culture. To make this true, we go above and beyond to balance hard work with personal growth and fun. We prioritize company events, professional development, team-building activities, and celebrations.

We recognize that a strong company culture is integral to the success of our firm. Not only does it build trust among team members and improve morale, but it also makes our workplace an enjoyable and rewarding environment. 


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