PCAOB Audits

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PCAOB Audits

Assurance Dimensions professionals recognize that to deliver a quality financial statement audit, it’s important to look beyond the accounting entries to the underlying activities and operations.

Assurance Dimensions serves as the independent auditor of record for micro- and mid-cap public companies in a wide range of industries. We have in-depth experience with a multitude of industries. We are registered with the PCAOB, which oversees and monitors CPA firms providing audit services to SEC Registrants and Issuers.

Client Engagement & Collaboration

Three parties (the audit committee, management, and your auditor) are operating in an increasingly complex environment and must work together to develop a comprehensive yet efficient audit plan to objectively assess and reduce risk while meeting regulatory guidelines.

The reporting and compliance requirements that impact audit committee members and management are often time-consuming and overwhelming. Assurance Dimensions utilizes experience and understanding to deliver straightforward advice.


Whether you’re pre-IPO, a periodic reporter, or evaluating a potential transaction, we can help your team throughout your business’ lifecycle with services such as acquisition audits, form filings (e.g. annual 10Ks and 11Ks, quarterly 10Qs, periodic 8ks), initial public offerings (IPOs), internal audit co/out-sourcing, registration statements, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 compliance.